How long does it take to make a website?
That depends on the type of project and the scope of it, but generally 4 to 6 weeks. For clients who have all of their images, page content, and a clear vision of what they want the turn around time can be quicker. During the planning and contract process we will give you a completion date for your website.

What platforms do you use to build sites?
Our preferred content management system (CMS) is WordPress. It is flexible, diverse, and user-friendly which makes it a great choice for building most websites. For e-commerce sites we like to build in WooCommerce (a WordPress extension), Zen Cart, BigCommerce, or Shopify. If there is a different system you'd like us to create your site with, please get in touch and we can talk about it.

Who do you build websites for?
We work a lot with local small to mid-size businesses, individual professionals, and online merchants. While most of our clients are in Portland or Vancouver, we have worked with businesses in Washington state, California, and of course the rest of Oregon.

Are the websites you build responsive?
Of course they are! The way we see it is there's no point in having a non-responsive website these days. So whether your site is built in WordPress or one of the e-commerce systems it will be accessible by phone, tablet, and computer.

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization?
We offer basic SEO with all of our new websites. We can also help you with your existing site to update the SEO. Most of what we look at is your content and how it can work in your favor, as well as keywords, page titles, text of images, and other optimizations.

Who will I be working with?
We are a small team and you'll be working directly with us. You'll meet us at your free consultation, we'll go over the contract and project details, and then work together to design and develop your website, text, and digital content.

Do you outsource work?
No. All of our websites are created in-house, right in SE Portland. We do have a professional, freelance videographer and a print designer that we work with from time to time. But they are both reliable, long-standing partnerships.

Do you train / tutor?
Yes we do. A training session on updating your website is included in all web packages. We also offering tutoring in many different areas of web design, development, Photoshop, and more. Let us know what you're interested in learning or join one of our workshops.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance and assistance?
We do. If you'd like to have us update, maintain, or simply occasionally make changes to your site we are happy to do that. See our maintenance packages for these ongoing services.

What is your payment policy?
For new websites we split the project cost into either halves or thirds, depending on the size of your project. We go over this while looking over the contract and decide which option is best. For all other services, including updates, maintenance, and tutoring, we charge by the hour.

What payment options are available?
We gladly accept credit and debit card payments with Square, PayPal, cheque, or cash. We may even accept gold coins, a classic 1970s or 80s Mercedes Benz, or a nice river boat.

Can you write my site content?
Yes, we do offer copy writing. You will work closely with us so that we can fully understand your business while crafting words that will appeal to your customers.

What about photos or videos?
You have the choice of either working with stock photos, photos and video content you've done, or working with our professional photographer and videographer. It depends on your needs and desires for your site, but one way or another you'll end up with nice digital content.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us for your free consultation and quote! Call 503-775-1312 or send us an email.