Types of Websites and Pricing

Blogger's Website

This is essentially an informational site. It includes setup and installation of a responsive WordPress theme, 1-5 custom pages, contact form, social media integration, blog, basic SEO, security, and backups.

Starts at $399

Service Website

This site includes versatile functionality, depending on your needs. Some of the options include: newsletters, custom headers, slideshows, photo gallery, online appointment scheduling, multiple forms, event calendar, payment buttons etc.

It comes with a customized and responsive WordPress theme, 1-8 custom pages, basic SEO, security, Google Analytics, contact form, social media integration, blog, and backups.

Starts at $749

Small Business Site

This option is ideal for complex informational websites where each page has a specific purpose: To showcase photo or video; a variety of registration forms; user-friendly information display using lists, graphics, and arranged page elements; a custom blog structure; etc.

This type of site includes installation and configuration of your preferred theme, 1-15 custom and feature rich informational pages, a responsive/mobile-friendly design, homepage slideshow, newsletter setup, social media integration, Google Analytics, SEO (basic search engine optimization), site backups, security, and a training session.

Starts at $1299

bella-creativa web design portfolioWe design and build affordable, quality websites that are mobile-friendly and easy to update. Whether you're starting a new profession or have an existing business you'll need a website. And the type of website you have developed is really important. Different businesses have different online needs, and that's what we're here to help you with.

WordPress Websites

Our preferred content management system (CMS) to work with is WordPress. It is stable, secure, easy to use, and versatile. WordPress sites are especially ideal for bloggers, professionals (lawyers, authors, contractors), and businesses (restaurants, boutiques, spas). Through plugins, this CMS has a wide range of functionality that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.


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